Exploring Opportunities in the Swiss Health Ecosystem

Thu, Jun. 13 '24
15:30 - 16:30

Brought to you by industry leaders CSS, a leading Swiss health insurer, Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS), a dynamic healthcare network, and SwissHealth Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm. Join us for an exclusive deep dive into the Swiss Health Ecosystem, welcoming participants from around Europe and beyond in our Webinar on June 13, 15:30 - 16:30 CET.

What to Expect

Insights into the Swiss Health Ecosystem: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Switzerland's healthcare landscape, examining its key stakeholders, regulatory environment, and innovation drivers.

The Impact of Digital Health: Explore the transformative potential of digital health and its impact on the Swiss market.

International Health Investment: Discover how healthcare startups can leverage Swiss expertise, resources, and investment opportunities to drive growth and expansion

Meet the Speakers

Dominik Schürmann: Innovation Manager at CSS, bringing expertise in healthcare innovation and strategy.

Diana Hardie: CEO at Swiss Healthcare Startups, a visionary entrepreneur fostering collaboration and innovation in healthcare.

Markus Rommel: Venture Capitalist at SwissHealth Ventures, offering valuable insights into investment trends and opportunities for international startups in the healthcare sector.

Who should join?

Whether you're a startup founder, investor, healthcare professional, or simply passionate about driving change in healthcare, this session offers a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and explore the immense potential of the Swiss health startup ecosystem.