Webinar: Increase equity in digital health solutions

Wed, Apr. 10 '24
15:00 - 16:30

Addressing inequality in digital health solutions: Masterclass series launch

Digital health solutions offer answers to many challenges in the healthcare sector. And one of the challenges are inequality in health.

In this event, the question about how businesses can develop digital health solutions that do not create a wider gap between the different patient groups?

This event is hosted by Danish Life Science Cluster and Lundbeck

What to expect?

1. You will be introduced to a framework for equality in digital health solutions, outlining barriers to digital health based on public health and equality principles.

2. You will have the opportunity to discuss design principles for identifying the barriers users will encounter in the use of digital health solutions based on the elements of the framework.

3. You will be guided through a specific template for mapping the features of a product or solution in relation to the principles of equality and identifying features that need improvement to increase access and equality.

You will gain practical methods for combining design principles in the development of health solutions with principles of health equity - to ensure the development of digital health solutions that provide easy and equal access for all.

Who can participate?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups with ambitions to develop solutions within mental health and health equity.

The event is free, but registration is required.

Language: Danish